About Design Your Wrap

We realized there needs to be a way for businesses to find a solution to cut down on advertising expenses. True branded packaging also costs money, however, it does have the following benefits:

  • It is visual
  • It makes a statement
  • Resonates with the brain longer than a printed ad

So we set out to produce a line of goods that will help businesses all over achieve these goals.

Helping businesses brand effectively is what we do.

Wrap a gift, build your brand.

Committed to Quality

We now have a group of professionals with a commitment to superior workmanship. Each member of our graphics team takes great care to create outstanding designs, printed on state-of-the-art equipment on quality paper.

You Matter.

You are our focus. Together, we work with you to create great gift wrapping solutions. We offer exceptional customer service along with our creativity and knowledge to deliver a great custom solution.

Design Your Wrap

Our passion and creativity continue as we build a great team to deliver gift wrapping solutions to help you take your business to the next level.

Custom ribbon

Gift Wrap

Our custom branded gift wrap is designed just for you, and will increase your brand exposure with every gift. You wrap, your customers give.

Gift Wrap

Custom gift wrap


Use custom branded ribbon with your existing gift wrap to create a cost-effective gift wrap sporting your brand name and colors.


Custom Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper

Use custom tissue paper together with bags or boxes that match your brand color to create a feeling of fully branded packaging.

Tissue Paper